boy boy
St Mary's Primary School
& Nursery Unit, Cushendall

St Mary’s welcomed some of the triumphant Antrim team today and were shown their trophy.

24th September 2021

8 C71 E97 C 8513 4703 8154 DE1 FA9718 ED4
7843 EEB0 1 EA9 4 F90 B186 CBC75 CEAFF05
7 BF83941 C141 4 C57 B0 E5 DB7 AF34 EDBD1
759 E77 B3 EE21 4494 84 C7 AB9 E82 B69944
86 A0409 C 8 B91 4 D81 B8 B3 4224 C4 F15595

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