boy boy
St Mary's Primary School
& Nursery Unit, Cushendall

Primary Five, Six and Seven competed hard at St Mary’s Sports Day earlier.

1st June 2022

36443 C19 41 F9 49 C0 BB54 D0106 F39 F4 A0
1 D204 F63 F12 B 48 E0 B3 DA C26 A8 D3482 BF
AD78 D526 5 AB4 4285 BA26 9 F80 E9 AB38 FB
14840 A5 E F526 4 B47 81 B8 943 DAFF343 E8
C782 EA08 E97 A 4763 94 BF 6 CE0 C9 F5 E42 E

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